Decades of experience in project work has allowed us to stand on grown “grounds”. Together with our partners we can offer you the right concept, from step one, planning to the final step, implementation we will be with you.

Our showroom at Schmerlingplatz 2 located in the heart of Vienna's 1st district awaits you with full competence - competence high 4!

Wondering what that means?, come by or scroll through our homepage, or even better, do both.

We look forward to seeing you. Your partners for project solution…..FLOOR-TEXTILE-WALL-FURNITURE…..we realize it with you, and for you.

Floor, we put it at your feet. Flooring is more than just a utility covering. Experience the most diverse coverings with all your senses: Visually an "eye-catcher", feel good through natural surfaces. Feel the haptics of the most diverse materials. Indoor and outdoor we have a solution for your living space and offer safety through special properties, that and much more is flooring.

Whether parquet, LVT , carpet, linoleum, stone or the solution for your outdoor living space, come and experience it with us.

Textiles - that certain something for your rooms.

It is the choice of colors, designs and materials that gives a room your personal touch.

Let yourself be inspired by our textiles, the most diverse materials, such as wool, linen, cotton, silk, or synthetic textiles, each material has its advantages. Individually tailored to your needs, whether in the private rooms, catering, care area, in the office or outdoor, we "dress" you new.

You want to improve the acoustics in your rooms? Here too, thanks to the wide variety of materials, we can offer flexible solutions for your wishes.

Wall - the largest surface in your rooms. In recent years, this area was often treated a little "stepmotherly" in interior design. It's nice that wall design is experiencing a renaissance again. Highly durable wall coverings, wonderful wallpapers made from a wide variety of materials, such as grass, sand, or custom wallpaper made for you, your design, your space, everything is possible. Wood panels, moss, leather, or "fresco" - we follow the trends. Let yourself be inspired by the countless possibilities.

Furniture - whether indoor or outdoor, a piece of furniture becomes a design element that rounds off your interior and makes it "whole". We are happy to present our partners in the furniture sector. Your favorite chair no longer fits the new design? No problem - we wallpaper your furniture and let it shine in new splendor. Even cabinets can be redesigned: how about a fabric covering, or maybe a wallpaper? Of course, we also fulfill individual wishes: perhaps a bed made to measure, or an outdoor solution made of stone, wood, metal, fabric...Curious? well then ...